Why radloop?


Why teams choose radloop.

There is no other company or software product whose main focus has been to make health care providers’ lives easier without any additional effort during their normal workflow. Radloop works silently in the background like a protective big brother who always has your back.

The desktop navigator feature provides a satellite view of even the largest of systems and due to its automation and ability to organize vast amounts of data, it can be managed by a single person.

Only Radloop allows a provider to view and manage all reports and order exams directly from a mobile device.

This is the way to track, view, and manage all of your radiology reports and recommendations from the palm of your hand, anytime, anywhere. This is the change health care has been waiting for.

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Recommendation CaptureRadiologist dictates report results as normal and without interuption. radloop® extracts recommendation automatically from the report.
Set Up FeesMinimal
FeeFixed fee
Contract TermClient preference
Committed annual report volumeNo long term commitment required
Overage FeeNone
Monthly FeesFee based on actual volume
Actionable FindingsDefined by the client
Ordering Clinician NotificationOrdering clinicians receive notifications automatically when radloop® finds a recommendation. All care team physicians receive automatic notifications.
How ordering clinicians place orders for imaging Clinician can place order directly from the radloop® phone app or into their EMR
How are recommendations followed up to ensure loop closure?Clinicians & navigators work independantly or together to ensure all recommended follow ups are complete prior to loop closure.
Recommendation Orders captured from radiologist's reportOrders are automatically captured from recommendation. The recommended study is presented to the ordering clinician on the radloop® phone app to ensure the correct order will be placed for the patient.
Cost for ordering clinician to use radloop® Free
Management of recommendation loopOrdering clinician, navigator, and scheduler using a common interface
Physician collaborationClinicians can collaborate within radloop® to ensure the patient receives the best care possible.
Follow up lettersThe navigator can send fully customized letters directly to the patient or ordering clinician.
Recommendation categoriesRadloop® automatically categorizes the recommendations to allow the ordering clinician to organize their workflow. Emergent/critical findings as per the ACR, requires direct provider communication.
Dashboard AnalyticsFully functional dashboard analytics available to evaluate the success of follow up efforts
SecurityFull HIPAA compliance. Legacy HQ security team has already performed due diligence on radloop® prior to the pilot.
Application PlatformCloud-based AWS

  • DynamoDB

  • iOS

  • Android

  • Chrome

  • Firefox

  • IE Explorer

  • Edge

Data BenchmarkingClients can compare their data to radloop® benchmarks to determine how well their follow up methods are working.
Baseline ReportsRadloop® will provide the client with baseline recommendation rates during the onboarding process
Quality AssuranceRadloop® continually monitors and audits the NLP engine to ensure the accuracy rate of recommendation recognition.
Total CostLow cost solution
Installation Time1 week to 3 months
Call CenterUsers Choice
Navigator functionalityFull control over recommendation queues to focus on a customized filtered list of recommendation loops.
Navigators can monitor the status of all recommendations to ensure that every recommendation reaches acceptable closure.
Critical TestThe ordering clinician can flag the exam as important/critical so they immediately receive the result on their mobile device regardless of the result or presence of a recommended follow up.

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A smarter way to coordinate care.