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Radiologists make a follow-up imaging recommendation on 12% of reports1. Although clinicians may accept most recommendations, one-quarter of these actionable findings are not performed2, they are lost to follow up. The Radloop application provides hospitals, clinics, radiologists, and clinicians with the tools necessary to optimize the process, thus decreasing the percentage of follow up exams that are not performed. How does your facility compare to these national averages? Are you interested in understanding this data for your practice? Radloop will provide these analytics.

1   Sistrom CL, Dreyer KJ, Dang PP, et al. Recommendations for additional imaging in radiology reports: multifactorial analysis of 5.9 million examinations. Radiology 2009; 453-461 [Erratum in Radiology 2010; 254:316]

2   Kadom N, Doherty G, Solomon A, et al. Safety-Net Academic Hospital Experience in Following Up Noncritical Yet Potentially Significant Radiology Recommendations. AJR:209, November 2017; 1-5

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Protecting Your Data.

Information Security Posture

Radloop offers customers a turnkey radiology report management solution with best-of-breed, defense in-depth security, scalability, and reliability powered by Amazon Web Services. radloop’s® web and mobile applications are deployed across AWS SOC certified, redundant datacenters. We take a defense-in-depth approach to assure customers meet HIPAA/HITECH compliance initiatives and preserve the availability, integrity and confidentiality of electronic protected health information.

Physical Safeguards

Our AWS SOC certified datacenters utilize top-notch physical safeguards to prevent unauthorized access to your data. Safeguards include professional security staffing and 24×7 video surveillance to keep data in and intruders out. End to end encryption of all data in-transit and at-rest.


Administrative Safeguards

We’ve developed comprehensive information security programs and procedures overseen by our designated CISO. Our CISO maintains CISA, CISM, CRISC certifications. Safeguards such as ongoing security awareness training for all employees and annual risk assessments to ensure all data and personnel remain in compliance.


Technical Safeguards

The Radloop applications are protected by a best-of-breed, defense-in-depth suite of security tools. Safeguards include everything from traditional web application firewalls and endpoint protection to AI-driven, 24×7 threat modeling & detection with a comprehensive, automated incident response system.

Application & Development Safeguards

The Radloop applications undergo a scrutinous, software development lifecycle (SDLC) process. Safeguards include automated tooling to manage code promotion throughout various environments. OWASP Top 10 adherence as well as continual code analysis to protect application from emerging threats.

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A smarter way to coordinate care.

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A smarter way to coordinate care.