Automate Radiology Workflow

Automate Radiology Report Workflow.

Deliver radiology reports directly to your clinician’s smartphone and desktop PC via Radloop®’s revolutionary phone and web applications.

Automatic Recognitions

Radloop® automatically recognizes follow up recommendations in radiologist’s reports and allows the clinician or a designated navigator to act on the recommendations.

Take Action Anywhere

Radloop® allows the clinician to accept, decline, modify or defer the radiologist’s recommendation, anytime/anywhere.

Communication Made Easy

The clinician may contact the patient or the radiologist directly from the application. They may also forward the result to an additional provider requesting a transfer or consult.


Navigator Peace of Mind

The navigator watches over the loop, and can assist at any time, further reducing the percentage of exams lost to follow up.


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A smarter way to coordinate care.

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A smarter way to coordinate care.